Registered Property Valuers

Specialising in -

  • Family Law & Property Settlement Valuations
  • Stamp Duty Valuations
  • Capital Gains Tax Valuations
  • Market Advice Valuations
  • Rating and Taxing Objection Valuations
  • Strata Insurance Valuations

Central Coast Property Advisory Service

Central Coast Property Advisory Service is a team of registered valuers that has been operating as a successful independent Valuation Practice since 1987. We focus on providing professionally researched property valuation reports and property advice to enable our clients to make informed decisions across the entire Central Coast and Lake Macquarie region.

Latest News

Approval for Gosford Development

The State Government has approved Spurbest Pty Ltd’s development application for its controversial waterside project within the Gosford CBD. The NSW State Government which took over responsibility for the approval … Read More

Section 94 Contributions

As reported in the Central Coast Express of 24 March 2004 a State Government task force is soon to deliver a report on the system of Section 94 Contributions, its … Read More

Bunnings Building Suppliers

As reported by the Central Coast Business review, Bunnings Building Suppliers, associate of Bunnings Warehouse Property Trust, has recently lodged a DA with Wyong Shire Council for a hardware store … Read More

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